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  • Above all respect! If you respect the players playing here, they will respect you!
  • Language site – English and Russian! Messages in other languages to be provided in a PM.
  • Don’t spam. Spam refers to inappropriate or promotional messages. If you want to recommend a other site or make advertising pls  to contact the administrators!Any racist remarks and offensive behavior is not allowed.
  • To maintain a pleasant atmosphere, it is also not allowed personal attacks and insults. While the discussion may be heated, this is no reason to switch to insults. Know the boundary between passionate but respectful discussion and personal transition. If you cross the line, the discussion can be closed by a moderator. Violators will be warned, and possibly blocked.
  • On site(in chat and in themes) prohibited from use immoral slang and any prophet. Insults that are not directed to someone’s specific address are also prohibited! If you want the person who insulted you has been punished a complaint with the Department of Konami! If you are insulted, you should not answer! If you insult a person in return — you will also be punished!
  • If you have a problem or complaint, send it directly to administrators or moderators, not to the forum. Appropriate measures will be taken. We reserve the right to block egregious offenders if we deem it necessary, with or without prior warning.
  • It is forbidden to create multiple accounts from one person. If you have forgotten your password, use the password recovery tool, in which case you will be able to reset your password, given that you have access to the email address associated with your account. If this does not help you to log in — contact your administrator.


  • Restarting the match is possible in the first 10-15 minutes of the game, if the score of the game has not changed (only with the mutual consent of the captains), or the opponent’s player is thrown out of the game (in this case, you do not need to ask the opponent). If the failure occurs a second time, the restart is at the discretion of the opponent. If a team without a cause leaves the match without notifying opponent in this match is scored  – TD!
  • To start the match, you must have at least 7 players under the control of team members. Otherwise, the match is forbidden to play!Attention! If during the match the team member left the game for any reason, or received a red card, the number of players can fall below 7! That is, the match should be started with at least 7 players. Changes during the match are not taken into account!
  • If you have for any reason not enough players for the start of the match, it is necessary at least 4 hours before the start of the game to inform the opponent and the moderator of the League — the match will be postponed!
  • The match must start within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. If the game is delayed, try to contact the captain of the opposing team . If the game did not take place and the opponent did not provide an answer – contact the moderator of the League! If the opponent without a valid reason did not come to the game – will be counted as a Technical defeat! All participants must have an account on the site and be registered in the team. Only registered participants can take part in the competition ((except for the first season of PS4)). Movement of participants between teams is allowed only during transfers. Only new players will be eligible to apply outside the Transfer window. If not declared player will go on the field, captain team receives disqualification the maturity on one match, and in really match will prostavleno TD. In case of repetition, the captain will be disqualified for 3 rounds!
  • Registration of new participants in the team and transfer of participants between teams during the transfer window should be published on the site. If a member is found to have created multiple accounts and violates the site rules, the member may be permanently banned. All players must be registered on the site. If the player is not registered on the site — he is forbidden to participate in the official games!((except for the first season of PS4))
  • All players must have a Steam profile, and therefore an official copy of the game. (for PC)
  • When the calendar of games is published, the team can agree on what time and on what date to plan the match. However, games must be completed before the deadline for the game calendar originally published. If the match is not completed at the specified time, and there is no good reason to postpone the match, there will be a mutual technical defeat.
  • The game can be moved beyond the specified date! But in this case, 48 hours before the end of the specified period, you need to notify the administrator and specify the reason.(Parallel play on another site is not a reason to transfer games)
  • All matches must be played in the order in which they are presented on the schedule. This is necessary to maintain the discipline of the League.
  • Players who earn three yellow cards during the season receive a ban on the match in the next round. If a player earns six yellow cards, it will be a ban on two matches. Nine yellow cards is equal to three match bans.
  • Players who earn a red card during the season will also receive a ban on one match in the next scheduled match. The second red card will lead to a ban on three matches. The third red card will lead to a ban on five matches.
  • Insulting other players is not allowed during matches. Above all respect!

Transfer Window

  • To join the team, the player must have an account on PESPRO (except PS4).
  • To declare a new player to the team, needs in topic team add a new message to specify the details of the player.
    Example 1: + < < Video guide how to create a player>>.
    Example 2 : +#7, Oximiron, CMF|DMF, Ukraine. This is an example for those who do not want or who can not add a player on the statistics page!
    IMPORTANT!  If you have player created on the statistics page, but you are not mentioned in the subject of your team on the forum – player can’t played official games ! 
  • Transfer of players between teams is allowed only during the Transfer window!
    The administrator will notify about all periods of the transfer window, according to the standard this is the period between 1,2,3 < < Transfer window>>4,5,6 < < Transfer window>>7,8… that is, every three rounds!
    IMPORTANT! Example of adding already declared player (transition from one team in another): +#7, Oximiron, CMF|DMF, Ukraine [(team for which was declared player)FCC Pesmakers => Crushers (team in which moved player)]. In this case, it is necessary to wait for confirmation of the player by the administrator!
    IMPORTANT: A player can be declared in parallel tournaments for different teams, in this case, indicate in which team topic the player will take part in the tournament. Example: + Nick (PESPRO LEAGUE)

Results game | STATS
1.0 Result of the match needs to be added for 2 days after rehearsal round! Otherwise, each player will be assigned a rating of 0. And the result of the match will be 0-0,without scoring.

1.1 It is forbidden to change or delete the opponent’s statistics! All your actions are recorded in the database and upon detection of these facts – you will be punished!
Recommendations: after adding player statistics-take a screenshot of all the filled data.
1.2 When adding a rating Konami do not use a comma! Example:


Rating Konami-7,5 [​IMG]
Rating Konami-7.5[​IMG]
IMPORTANT! For systematic non-completion of statistics there will be penalties:
– 3 rounds in a row without statistics – captain’s disqualification for one round;
– 6 rounds – removing from the team 3 points;
– 9 rounds – team disqualification;
Important: players-subs, statistics is summed up, and rating Konami is written the that higher!
2.0 When adding a result, you must specify video or all screenshots! In the absence of any of them – you will be punished. (This does not apply to cases where there is a break in the match). Instead of screenshots – you can specify a video which will be seen all the players!
2.1 If you have a bad situation, breakage or other action – which is not present in regulations. Be sure to contact the administrator!

Departament PESPRO

This is the Department where each user can find a helping hand, if it was used against unsportsmanlike behavior. This Department has its own internal rules that must be followed. Authority Of The Department PESPRO: – receive and consider complaints from players and teams; – make decisions that do not violate the current regulations; – independently identify violations and punish the perpetrators. Important! Contact the Department PESPRO is necessary only if the solution to your problem is not in the existing regulations! Attention! Absolutely any decision of the Department PESPRO can cancel the captains themselves (75%of captains)! Administrators and moderators have the right to make decisions independently and only in accordance with the regulations!

Violations and penalties

  • Spam – warning. (2 warnings-ban for 7 days)
  • Incorrect behavior on the site, in the chat room or in PM — warning (2 warnings – ban on 7 official games).
  • Insult – disqualification on 2 matches. (If repeated, disqualification from the tournament)
  • In case of disrespectful behavior and provocative actions, player will be disqualified for 3 matches.
  • If the player who received the red card enters the field in the next game, the team captain is suspended for 2 rounds, the disqualification of the player with the card is transferred to the next game.
  • If an undeclared player enters the field, the team gets a technical defeat!
  • If a player has multiple accounts and plays for multiple teams – it will be blocked forever!
  • If the team gets 3 technical defeats during the season-it leaves the tournament, and the captain is disqualified from his post for one season.
  • Any of these fines can be changed by Department PESPRO!
Attention! There is nothing above the rules, if you respect and observe them, they protect you! If you break them, you will be punished for it! First of all, be human! Respect each other!
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