Dear players of 11×11 mode! Very soon PES 20 comes out, and with it starts a new season on PESPRO! Throughout the summer, the site was working to improve our functionality and design! And it is safe to say that we have completed this work and starting from 10\09 – we will hold e-sports tournaments on two platforms PC and PS4! The preliminary registration of the teams will be opened today, so that we can prepare the season schedule and schedule for the season in advance! All who wish to join us, leave your application here, for example, below :

Platform  :
Name team :
U contact ( VK, twitter, steam etc.)
Teams confirmed participation (PC): 
Divino United 
FC Porros

Teams confirmed participation (PS4):

How creat team on PESPRO ? <<Link>>  <<Video guide>>
How creat profile player on PESPRO ? <<Link>>  <<Video guide>>

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  1. PES Elite

    the strongest will win

  2. tritiy27

    Platform: PS4
    Name team: Russian PES Elite
    U contact:

  3. valmat67

    Платформа ПК
    Команда: USSR

  4. Dmitrinho

    Платформа ПК
    Команда: Galaxy

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