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    • - Sergobibika + Halid_Bin_Valid1
    • +http://pespro.ru/player/g1alg1a-va/
    • Hi all!    As you saw, Konami saw our campaign in social media, and started working little, but they fail again, because  now you able to play again in teamplay lobby, but still with just 14 players, more players will be disconnect, or just kick back to the room. So we must do our last campaign just for last time to be fixed teamplay lobby!!! I wrote a letter to them, we must send this to this places:    https://us-support.konami.com/s/contactsupport   cr_uk@konami-europe.net   on email   https://www.facebook.com/pes.devteam/   Letter:   Dear Konami Support! Platform: PC / Steam Subject: Teamplay Lobby issue still not fixed Facts:  I show you what happened here in time from the beginning of Pes20(September 1)  I speak now  to you on behalf of over 200 teamplayers, and loyal PES players. - September 1. >> New Pes is here, cool.  And we surprised, and disappointed what we expected in teamplay lobby!   Max. 14 players can play In teamplay lobby, if more than 14 players in room, room will crash, or some players disconnects.   - We sent you inquirys, emails,  we told you about this issue and pleased to fix this.  - October: Teamplay lobby went to crash if more than 8 players in the room, the situation went worst.  - We started to open your eyes, and made a massive social media campaign on facebook, twitter and on your support sites.  What happened?  >>> - Data Pack 2.0 didn't changed anything here. November: - Data Pack 2.01 came out:    Nov7-8:  We tested this as much as we can. We are not happy about the results >>> 14 players can play nicely in teamplay lobby, but if more players in the room, for example 17 player joined, and starting side choosing(home/away) at team choosing  stay in the game only 14 player from 17, other 3 players is kicked out by the system, you will see in the attached video.  So we are now back to september first week.  The Teamplay rooms are limited to maximum 14 players. Why? Can you tell us?  I just inform you, that we know, on PS4 was the same issue in the teamplay lobby, and your team fixed the issue about in 1 day in september.   And on platform PC/steam we are waiting to fix this since more than 2 months.  We are a huge teamplay community with more than 200 players, and we can't start to play our championships because of teamplay lobby issues. These 200 players bought your game only for TEAMPLAY because they are teamplayers, and you release a game without 11x11, release a game with 7v7 option? And don't listen us, don't fix this problem.  Will you give back money, or start working immediately and fix our issue in TeamPlay Lobby? Efootball Pes2020 is a remarkable game in 1v1 guys, you did great job about that, i really enjoy 1v1, but without 11x11 it's  sadly just a beta version game, a game which is not ready  to use. And don't call your game Efootball PES, until you not fix the game's ESPORT sections issue, the Teamplay Lobby! So  guys, programmers, Team of Konami,  please let's start working quick to fix Teamplay Lobby issue!  I attached a video  about our TeamPlay Lobby test! Regards!   PesPro.ru TeamPlay Community TeamPlayers of the world society https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNBFAk-GBKg&feature=youtu.be
    • + http://pespro.ru/player/alex_8585_/
    • #7 Chrystiano-7-     #13, Kamilradom1910 (RB, LB, DMF, AMF) #9, Krzywyy86 (CF) #5, Pullover140super (LB)  Zary_STRZ (LB, #2, ElProfesorLaCasa (CB) Boski_1991 (AMF) #3, CarteloPL (CB) #11, Gaxumi82 (CF) #8, Grechi88 (LB, CB, RB, DMF, CMF, AMF) Lafourcade17 (CMF) Lucyfer1984lukas (DMF,CMF) #32, Dzony32 (CMF) #14, Marcintesarski (RWF, LWF, AMF) Mefik85 (DMF) #21, Musca06 (CB) #10, Nomyzs182 (CMF, AMF) Radko003 (LB,RB) Redkyubi (CB) Sandski (CMF, AMF, CF) Szczypior_STRZ  Wavetune88 (LB,RV) #21, Yanoo-0 (CB) Zghermanizowany (RB) Lukaszw87 (LWF, RWF)  
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